June Update

June Update

Ask Boris. We still haven’t been given a date nor guidance. Yes it is expected to be 4 July but we don’t know how or whether inside or out. We were promised 3 weeks notice and better planned than lockdown. But as of today, we don’t know. If it is just venues with outdoor spaces, I am afraid we won’t be able to reopen as ours only holds around 15-20 people and therefore will not be viable. Frustrating is not a strong enough word!

I was asked for my opinion on this for a piece in the Daily Telegraph, link HERE. In an ideal world the government would leave it up to us – the operators. My feeling is that most of our guests will manage their own distancing as they did in the weeks leading up to lockdown. Of course, there will be those that don’t but we will help and encourage. Of course, there may be other venues that won’t manage things like us. I can only speak for myself and our business. If we are forced to adopt 2m distancing rule, we will have to remove about 70% of our tables. Regardless of what happens with rent or summer weather, we simply won’t survive this way. However, if it is 1m, we lose 2-3 table and reduce covers on others so the total loss would be around 40%. In both instances, we won’t have anyone standing in or around the bar area which will reduce income.

Assuming we reopen in July, our menu is now available HERE. We have reduced the main menu slightly and will continue to change it with the seasons, every 4-6 weeks. We have expanded our bar menu which will be available all day – there will also be small seasonal changes made but the format will remain the same. We will be serving BRUNCH from 10.30am. We hope you like these updates.

The team have been working hard on reinvigorating our drinks list especially non-alcoholic options and of course new COCKTAILS. I have almost finished the new Wine List (started in January if !). It will be a little shorter but will be great fun and still have the Desert Island bottles. If you wish to buy wine from us, you can do so HERE

When we do reopen, for Sunday lunch we will now feature TWO roasts as well as a vegetarian version.

We are still awaiting official guidance from the government on this but have had a draft from UK Hospitality of their recommendations so we are taking a led from that. Here is an outline of some of the things we will be carrying out:

  • All our staff will have temperatures checked and logged along with a daily audit of their health and wellbeing. A full digital record of this will be kept. Any team member showing any symptoms or who’ve knowingly been in contact with anyone with symptoms will not allowed to work for 14 days.
  • We will not be wearing masks, gloves or other such items (unless mandatory). We will not have perspex screens on the bar or between tables (unless mandatory).
  • We will have numerous sanitiser stations and bottles throughout the building and at the entrance to the loos and in the loos.
  • We will request all guests who visit to provide contact details. More than likely we will operate a booking only system, even for just drinks, but we don’t want to lose the essence of being a a place you can pop to on a whim. So more on this in next few days.
  • We will enhance all our cleaning protocols.
  • We will ensure all our team keep a safe distance with you and each other while they are at work.
  • We would encourage all that visit to only visit if showing no symptoms or have not knowingly come into contact with anyone showing symptoms. And when here, respect distancing, wash your hands and use sanitiser provided.
  • Where we can, a one-way system will be in place to manage entry and exit.
  • All service for food and drinks will be provided at the table, so guests will be unable to buy drinks from the bar.
  • We are working on mobile apps for guests to order food and drinks and we already have our comprehensive booking system.
  • Tables will only be laid once guests are seated.
  • To ensure good distancing between tables, some will be reduced where necessary, so availability will be reduced. Just come more often!
  • In our kitchen, our team will be working in sections that are apart and will be enhancing working practices even more.
  • Before we reopen, all our team will have relevant training and guidance to be able to work confidently with these new measures and operations in place.We can’t wait to reopen and look forward to seeing you, hopefully very soon!


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