Serves 4-6


1kg Maris piper potatoes, peeled and sliced into roughly 3mm thick rounds
400g white onions, sliced very thinly into half moons
1 bunch of thyme, leaves picked
4 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced as thinly as possible
2 flat tsp maldon salt
450ml chicken stock, make your own or buy a pouch of fresh stock from the supermarket


2.5kg of lamb shoulder on the bone
100g unsalted butter
4 anchovies, puréed with the back of a knife
1 sprig of rosemary, leaves finely chopped
Sprigs of rosemary and peeled garlic cloves to spike the lamb with

Preheat oven to 130* fan.

This recipe fills a baking tray 24cm by 30cm but you need a tray that will hold the lamb without it overhanging the edges.

In a large bowl mix all the ingredients for the Boulangère except for the stock. Toss well to get an even mix and roughly layer it all up in the baking tray.

Put the lamb on top and pour over the chicken stock.

Now pierce a few holes into the flesh with a small knife and insert sprigs of rosemary and peeled garlic cloves.

Melt the butter for the lamb with the anchovies and chopped rosemary. Baste the lamb well and pour over all of the butter mixture making sure it also covers the potatoes.

Season the lamb generously with maldon salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Put into the oven on the middle shelf and cook for 5 hours. If the potatoes are getting too coloured and drying out then cover the whole thing with tin foil but this shouldn’t be needed.

Take it out once the lamb is super tender and is able to be pulled away from the bone.

Rest for 30 minutes before serving with some of your favourite green vegetables, asparagus is bang in season and a perfect choice. You won’t need a gravy or sauce as the potatoes will be coated in all the delicious cooking juices and plenty moist enough.






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